It was cold, it was cloudy, it was fun and it was productive.  Cindy provided hot drinks and food to nourish us and the 2 men volunteers from the Yavapai Cemetery Association instructed us.  We rehabilitated a plot where 5 men are buried who were killed in an 1887 sawmill explosion out Lynx Creek. We, with Pandora and Steve Young and Cindy Gresser in photo, even made the front page of the Courier as Sue Tone came and took photos and wrote an article about how the County will be taking over the upkeep of the cemetery from now on.  And if I could figure out how to change the image size you would be able to see us at work and when finished. Those who attended in addition to the 3 mentioned above were Kevin Pitts, his son Rodney, Robert Mulligan (prospective member),Manuel Lucero, Anne Wenzel and Candace Tomlinson.