On Wednesday, February 7th, the 3 presidents of the Prescott Rotary Clubs were interviewed on KQNA radio by Joe Howard, PUSD superintendent and Marti Read, assistant superintendent.  To prepare for the interview I reviewed the ways our Rotary Club of Prescott has assisted PUSD.   As I made notes and jotted down items, the list continued to grow. After looking through archived files even more activities emerged.  They make quite a fine list.  So to honor our past and current activities, it seemed a good idea to document them as seen below.
-  Our club assisted in restructuring the Prescott High School Career day by devising a new form to determine the students interests, arranging for professionals to come in to speak, most of whom were Rotarians, and put on a three morning Career Day where the presenters talked about the education needed, the typical day and other ramifications.
-  For 5 years we conducted Camp Free Enterprise.  This was a 3 day weekend for 25 PUSD seniors at Friendly Pines camp where they had an in depth study of the American Economic System.
-   $4450 was given to Discovery Gardens Pre-School
-  We participated in At-Risk- Student Summer program
- Gave Vocational and academic scholarships to Prescott High School Seniors.
-  Participated in Teacher of the Year awards
-  Sent students to Boys and Girls State weekend sponsored by the American Legion which studies American government
-  Give Student of the Month awards, originally $100 saving bond, and then a $50 cash card.
-  Financial support to the Football Team, Band, and Show Choir
-  Sponsor students to attend RYLA
-  In the early years gave money to the PUSD elementary schools and Middle school libraries.
-  Give library books to the Lincoln and Taylor Hicks libraries in honor our the speakers at our weekly meetings.
We have made an imprint on Prescott education.
If you can think of other activities we have done let me know and I shall add it to the list!