This month we lost another of our memorable members, Eldon Bowman.  Eldon joined our club in September 2005. He always espoused the virtues of Rotary and encouraged those he met to join our club.  He made us aware of the need for a good microphone and accessibility of our meetings.  Eldon generously gave to our Rotary Club of Prescott Paul Harris funds so that all members of our club could be Paul Harris members.  
Just recently Eldon volunteered to be a speaker for our club if we had an opening.  We did need him and he presented  one of his favorite poems.  He said he still pondered it's significance.  It is called "The World of Fancy" and is about 5 blind men experiencing a different part of an elephant.  He gave us a folder with copies of the poem and they will be available at our meetings.
If you are ever traveling the old dirt General Crook Trail east of Camp Verde up to the top of the Mogollon Rim, look for the metal hash signs posted about 8 feet off the ground on the pine trees.  Eldon marked the trail with the hash marks while riding on horse back decades ago.  Candace has photographs of them.
When Eldon lived in Flagstaff he was a member of Rotary there and was Past President of a Flagstaff club.  When attending leadership training sessions in Phoenix this past spring, a member of his former club remembered him well. 
Eldon's obituary in the Courier did not mention a memorial service.  It did suggest in lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Smoki Museum, 147 N. Arizona Ave, 86301 or online at